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Umbrella Insurance in Washington

If you live in Washington State and thinking about getting an umbrella insurance policy, you should consider looking at a company like Securum LLC where your best interest is foremost. This kind of policy is necessary when you need an extra layer of insurance liability to protect your home and automobile. Located in Bellevue, WA, Securum LLC has a team of professional agents that know how to bring peace of mind to consumers; especially, if they are concerned about being sued while lacking the appropriate insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at what the umbrella insurance actually covers and how you would benefit.

Umbrella Insurance

If you get into a car accident and find yourself liable for causing any type of property damage or bodily injury and you don’t have the umbrella insurance, you could be at risk for a lawsuit. Your auto and homeowner’s insurance may not be enough to bail you out of that situation. This is even worse, if the accident is serious or if the person in the accident has been seriously hurt. You could get sued for medical bills, pain and suffering, legal cost, and lost wages.

The Coverage

More importantly, this could put your personal assets at risk. These assets could include future income, retirement accounts, and even your home. Therefore, with the umbrella insurance, you would add another layer of coverage to your existing policy. This could allow you to cover any insurance claims made against you. It would cover your legal representation fees and court costs.

Additional Benefits

There are some insurance companies that offer additional uninsured and underinsured protection within the umbrella policy. This would protect both you and your family; in the event that you become injured by another driver who does not carry any coverage or who has little insurance coverage.

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Securum LLC serves the residents of Bellevue, WA, and its surrounding areas. We are encouraging you to get the additional insurance coverage for your own peace of mind and protection. We recommend this to every client, and you are no different. If you live in Washington State, contact us today so we discuss all your options.

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