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RV Insurance in Washington

Do you own an RV or any other motor home? Does it have the proper insurance coverage? You may be driving around in your RV with not much insurance coverage. If you are not sure, then speak to one of our agents at Securum LLC in Bellevue, WA so you can protect yourself in case of an accident or unforeseen circumstance.

The RV Use

Most of the recreational vehicles and their Washington State owners use their vehicles to visit campgrounds and other similar areas. Without the proper coverage, you would have the peace of mind of being on the road and having the best vacation retreat possible. If you are an RV owner, it is essential to know that you have several coverage options to choose from. At Securum LLC, we have multiple insurance products to cover your recreational vehicles. Once your RV goes on the road, you are just as liable as any other automobile driver.

The Options

You can choose an RV insurance policy that suits your personal need; whether you are a frequent driver or not. Your RV insurance is just as important as your homeowner’s insurance policy. Let’s look at some of the things you should consider including in your RV insurance policy:

Liability Insurance: with this policy, you will be able to have coverage for any third party property damage or injury caused by an accident, if you are at fault. Damages in an RV accident can be quite costly because of how heavy and large this type of vehicle is. It is recommended that you choose an amount in liability coverage that exceeds the minimum requirement of the Washington State. You could also consider adding an umbrella policy to the existing RV policy.

Collision insurance: with an RV policy, you will be able to cover any costs necessary to do repairs or replace the vehicle; no matter who is at fault.

Comprehensive insurance: with this part of the policy, you also cover replacement and repair cost, but also flood, fire, severe weather, theft, and vandalism.

Medical payments insurance: an RV policy covers personal injury protection, which means that it will take care of your medical bills in lieu of injuries caused by an accident while driving your RV.


You may also be eligible for contents insurance, roadside assistance, and campsite liability coverage. We are anxiously waiting for you to contact us. Our aim is to answer your questions and provide the coverage you need. Speak to one of our agents at Securum LLC to learn more about the additional benefits and features of an RV insurance policy.

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