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I have a small online business. Do I need umbrella insurance?

For any business owner, safeguarding their investment from loss and unforeseen situations is paramount. Business insurance serves as a practical means to achieve this end. However, like all types of insurance, business insurance has its limits. At Securum LLC in Lynnwood, WA, we are committed to helping business owners comprehend their options and secure the much-needed extra coverage.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a secondary type of insurance policy designed to cover incidents that exceed the limits of a primary insurance policy, given these incidents fall within the coverage guidelines. It also acts as primary insurance for events or circumstances not covered by your primary insurance policy as long as these situations meet the coverage guidelines. Simply put, umbrella insurance is your backup coverage that comes into play when your primary policy has maxed out.

Does My Small Online Business Need Umbrella Insurance?

Risk is an inherent aspect of all businesses, irrespective of whether you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar location. Even seemingly minor incidents could exceed your insurance coverage limits and disrupt your business operations—think of a lawsuit, an unexpected loss, or other unfortunate events. With its extensive liability coverage, Umbrella insurance could keep such setbacks at bay. Investing in umbrella insurance would be beneficial if you ever anticipate an event that exceeds your coverage limits.

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Business insurance is pivotal for your enterprise’s stability and growth, and supplementing it with an umbrella policy maximizes its effect. If you have questions about umbrella insurance and how it could benefit your business, do reach out to us at Securum LLC. We’d be happy to help you explore your options and make an informed decision.

Navigate Washington’s Auto Insurance Landscape in 5 Easy Steps

Navigate Washington’s Complex Auto Insurance Terrain with Experts

Navigating Washington’s complicated auto insurance landscape can occasionally feel overpowering. However, with the right guidance from qualified and friendly insurance agents at Securum LLC in Lynnwood, WA, you can conquer this terrain. Let’s look at some essential steps to make your journey easier.

Understand Washington State Law

The first step in understanding car insurance in Washington is to get acquainted with the state’s law. It’s crucial to note that all drivers operating motor vehicles are required to have adequate insurance. Here, adequate insurance may translate to basic liability insurance, offering coverage provisions that safeguard third-party drivers in auto accidents.

Delve into General Liability

Liability-only insurance policies, by design, cover bodily injury, property damage, and medical expense claims in at-fault accidents. However, this coverage extends only to the other driver. As such, this liability insurance does not cover collision costs associated with you and your vehicle.

Enhance Your Coverage with Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive and collision insurance, fondly called full coverage insurance, provides extensive insurance coverage for both at-fault and non-fault accidents. It includes coverage for collision and non-collision-related incidents. As a result, Washington’s drivers seeking complete coverage for repair or replacement of their autos due to unexpected perils often invest in comprehensive and collision insurance for all-around protection. Here are a few coverage perks of comprehensive insurance:

  • Collisions and Auto Accidents
  • Auto Theft and Vandalism
  • Property Damage
  • Auto Repair or Replacement
  • Animal Encounters
  • Natural Disasters and Flooding

Engage a Trusted Local Agent

For a comprehensive understanding of your coverage options and how best to protect yourself and other drivers within your household, consider seeking advice from a trusted local insurance agent. Such professionals can guide you through your various policy options considering crucial factors like your driving history, the vehicles you intend to insure, and your budget.

Why not contact a licensed insurance agent at Securum LLC in Lynnwood, WA, and get your personalized auto insurance quote today?

Who Needs Business Interruption Insurance?

Running a business in the Lynnwood, WA, area can be challenging under ideal conditions, but what happens when a company must close temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances? Companies barely making ends meet risk going out of business if they have to pay weeks of salary, rent, and other expenses with no income. Securum LLC provides local companies with insurance policies that can protect against business interruptions.

Why Business Interruption Insurance?

Many entrepreneurs believe their business operations policy (BOP) will protect them adequately. While many policies will cover some aspects of unexpected closure, they won’t cover employee wages, rent if you must use a temporary location, or income you may lose during this time. Insurance companies do not sell business interruption insurance as a separate policy, but you can use it as an add-on to other protections in your commercial business policy. This provision can make the difference between weathering a temporary storm and going under.

It’s Always a Good Idea

Carrying business interruption insurance is a good idea for just about any business. However, small companies are more vulnerable than larger ones that may have emergency funds for such circumstances. Within small business categories, some are more vulnerable than others, including anyone who relies on a specific physical location or specialized machinery for operation. You should consider adding this protection to your policy if you are one of the following industries:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Pet groomers
  • Salons and spas
  • Fitness studios

Entrepreneurs can select from several types of business insurance policy add-ons to help protect their companies. The type you need for your company depends on your specific industry, the number of employees, and other factors. Securum LLC, serving business in Lynnwood, WA, will gladly consult with you on the type and level of coverage needed.

Preparing your home for winter

Depending on where you live in Washington, your winters may be very wet or very snowy. Making sure that your home is prepared for winter lets you relax and enjoy the seasonal changes. At Securum LLC in Lynnwood, WA, we will help to make sure your home is prepared with the right home insurance to keep you protected. 

Preparing your home for winter

Clean your gutters 

Allowing leaves and debris to accumulate in your gutters can result in damage to your roof. If the water can’t drain, it backs up under the shingles and can be damaged. Both the exterior and the interior of your home.   

Get the furnace serviced

Nothing makes winter more uncomfortable than not being able to heat your home. Schedule your furnace cleaning in the early fall before the cold weather hits. 

A clean chimney is a safe chimney

If you have a fireplace and you plan to use it, getting the chimney cleaned is a no-brainer. Creosote can accumulate, and this poses a fire risk. 

Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working 

Every year someone dies from carbon monoxide from a faulty furnace. Make sure you and your family are safe and have a detector right next to your smoke detector. 

Do a fall leave clean-up

When the leaves accumulate on your driveway or walkway, they pose a slip-and-fall hazard. You can hire someone to do the job for you or DIY, but make sure it gets done sooner rather than later. 

Trim trees

Winter can bring ice and high winds and any branches that are dead should be removed from your trees. Falling branches can damage your home, your vehicle or a person when they fall. 

Purchase sand and salt

Be proactive and get your sand and salt before the first big freeze. You will be glad you did. 

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Contact Securum LLC in Lynnwood, WA when you need home insurance. 

Renters Insurance for Storage Units: Protecting Off-Premises Belongings

Renters insurance is crucial for safeguarding personal belongings within a rented residence in and around the Lynnwood, WA area. Many renters may not realize that their renter’s insurance can extend its protective reach beyond the walls of their rented homes. Understanding the ins and outs of renters insurance for storage units ensures comprehensive coverage.

Coverage Extension for Off-Premises Belongings

While renters insurance primarily covers belongings within the rented residence, many policies offer an extension for items stored off-premises, such as in a storage unit. This extension typically covers:

  • Theft: Protection against theft of items stored in the storage unit.
  • Damage: Coverage for damage caused by covered perils, such as fire, vandalism, or certain natural disasters.

Limitations and Special Considerations

Renters should be aware of certain limitations and considerations related to coverage for storage units:

  • Coverage Limits: Policies may limit the coverage provided for items stored off-premises. Renters should review and adjust these limits as needed.
  • Specialized Items: High-value or specialized items like jewelry or collectibles may have sub-limits. Additional coverage, known as a rider or endorsement, may be necessary for complete protection.

Creating a Home Inventory

Maintaining a detailed home inventory is crucial for renters insurance, especially regarding items stored off-premises. A comprehensive list includes:

  • Photographs or Videos: Visual documentation of belongings for more straightforward claims processing.
  • Descriptions and Values: Detailed descriptions of items and their estimated values.

Communication with Insurance Providers

Renters should communicate openly with their insurance providers:

  • Coverage Clarification: Seek clarification on the specific coverage extension for off-premises belongings.
  • Policy Adjustments: Adjust coverage limits or add endorsements as needed, especially if storing high-value items.

Securum LLC Can Help You

At Securum LLC, we can help answer questions concerning renters insurance. We serve the Lynnwood, WA area. Contact us today. 

RV Insurance for Specialty Vehicles: Covering Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers

Whether you own a motorhome, fifth wheel, or travel trailer, our agents at Securum LLC serving the Lynnwood, WA area have the insurance policy for you.

Recreational Vehicle insurance, also known simply as RV insurance, for specialty vehicles is essential to have in place to be able to protect your investment while also ensuring your peace of mind while out on the road. Our agents will tailor your specialty insurance policy based on your unique needs when it comes to your RV and your situation.

RV Insurance for Specialty Vehicles


If you own a motorhome, it is essentially your home on wheels and requires a specific type of insurance coverage. RV insurance for motorhomes will normally include liability coverage, which protects you in case you’re at fault in an accident. It will also cover any damage to your motorhome, and personal belongings inside and can include coverage for attached accessories like awnings and satellite dishes, if your motorhome is affected by a fire, vandalism, or even a natural disaster. It will also help you out if your motorhome is stolen. Collision insurance will come in handy if you collide with another vehicle or an object.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels, which are towed by a pickup truck, SUV, or some other type of vehicle, have their own set of insurance considerations. In addition to liability and the same physical damage coverage as motorhomes, specialized policies can provide coverage for detached parts and accessories. This can include slide-out rooms and even coverage for the pickup truck or other vehicle you are using to tow your fifth wheel.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers, which come in various sizes and types, can also be insured to protect against theft, accidents, and damage. Insurance for travel trailers covers the trailer itself and can include coverage for personal property and equipment stored inside. It’s crucial to choose coverage that matches the value of your trailer as well as your contents inside.

Other Options

RV insurance may also offer additional options, such as roadside assistance, vacation liability coverage, and coverage for full-time RV living. It is imperative that you work closely with one of our insurance agents who understands the unique needs of RV owners so a customized policy can be created for you that meets your needs.

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To get your RV insurance policy started, contact one of our agents at Securum LLC serving the Lynnwood, WA area today!

What Boat Owners Need to Know About Buying Boat Insurance

Owning a boat comes with its fair share of responsibilities, and one of the most crucial aspects of responsible boating is ensuring you have proper insurance coverage. Boat insurance is your financial lifeline when it comes to protecting your prized vessel, passengers, and your own peace of mind. Understanding the ins and outs of boat insurance is crucial to ensure your investment is well-protected from unforeseen circumstances. Here at Securum LLC, we will guide you through the waters of purchasing boat insurance in Lynnwood, WA. From the basics of what boat insurance covers to essential factors you need to consider before buying a policy, we’ve got you covered. 

Why Boat Insurance is Important 

Being a boat owner in this area comes with a share of considerations, particularly when it comes to boat insurance. The importance of having boat insurance in Lynnwood cannot be emphasized enough. From abrupt storms to fogginess, the area’s unpredictable weather conditions can expose you to the risk of accidents or damage to your boat. Additionally, the peak season’s high boating traffic results in an increased likelihood of collisions. Without proper coverage, you may find yourself faced with substantial out-of-pocket expenses for repairs, replacements, or even liability claims. Investing in boat insurance is an essential part of responsible boat ownership.

Factors to Consider When Buying Boat Insurance 

When buying boat insurance in Lynnwood WA, there are a number of factors you should consider:

  • Your boat ownership experience.
  • Boating location.
  • Age, size, and type of boat.
  • Additional modifications to your boat.

How to Choose the Right Boat Insurance Provider

Compare Quotes: Gather quotes from multiple providers to see a range of prices and coverages.

Consider Reputation: Take a look at online reviews and ratings and the experiences of other customers.

Customer Service: Your potential insurer should be helpful and responsive when you need them the most, especially during claim filings.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Boat Insurance

As a boat owner, there are common mistakes that can lead to insufficient coverage or unnecessary costs. Below are the mistakes to avoid when buying boat insurance: 

Not getting enough coverage: This could leave you vulnerable to financial loss if your boat is damaged or destroyed.

Overlooking liability coverage: Liability insurance is critical since it covers any damages or injuries your boat may cause to others.

Failing to understand the terms of the policy: Make sure to read the fine print and understand what’s covered and what’s not.

Consult With Us

With so many factors to consider, you can easily feel overwhelmed when it comes time to purchase a boat insurance policy. However, with the proper research, planning, and provider, you can obtain an insurance policy that meets both your needs and budget. It’s crucial for you to understand how buying boat insurance works and what to look out for. Being well-informed could help you pick the most suitable boat insurance provider and save money in the long term. Our professional staff at Securum LLC is here to answer any questions or concerns about boat insurance in Lynnwood, WA so you can make the best possible decision. To learn more about boat insurance at Securum LLC, contact us today.

When Should You Consider Getting Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is not what most people consider. However, it is a very beneficial type of insurance that can offer you the extra protection you need. If you are wondering when you should consider buying this type of insurance, here is a list of possible common scenarios.

When Should You Think Of Buying Umbrella Insurance?

  • Your assets are at risk. If you own valuable assets, such as a home, cash, investments, or irreplaceable personal things, umbrella insurance can shield you from potential claims that go beyond your standard coverage limits.
  • Engagement in activities with higher liability. If you own a swimming pool, for example, and invite guests, then you will benefit from having umbrella insurance. Playing sports is another high-liability activity, and if you engage in any kind of sport, umbrella insurance is something you may need.
  • You own pets. As a dog owner, you should understand that dogs can occasionally cause mishaps that lead to injury or property damage. Umbrella insurance may provide protection in the event of a lawsuit if this occurs.
  • Teen drivers. If you let your teenager operate your vehicle, your auto insurance risks may increase. Umbrella insurance may offer additional protection in cases when young and inexperienced drivers are involved in collisions.

Securum LLC Is Here To Help

As you can see, umbrella insurance can be beneficial in multiple situations. Even though it is not a mandatory type of insurance, you should still consider having it as an extra layer of protection. If you live in Bellevue, WA or any other nearby town, we can help you buy umbrella insurance. At Securum LLC, we serve clients in Bellevue, WA and specialize in different types of insurance, including umbrella insurance as well.

Auto Insurance Claims: What to Do After an Accident

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality in Bellevue, WA. Securum, LLC is here to help you navigate the process of filing an auto insurance claim after an accident.

What to Do After an Accident

Take Care of Yourself and Others Involved

After a car accident, your safety and that of others involved should be your top priority. Check for injuries and seek medical help if necessary. If there are injured people, it’s important to call emergency services immediately. If possible, you should also move your vehicle out of traffic and turn on your hazard lights.

Gather Information

Once you’ve attended to any medical issues, gather as much information about the accident as possible. This includes the contact information of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses involved. Get the insurance details from the other driver(s), and take pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved.

File Your Claim

Many auto insurance companies have a mobile app or online platform for filing claims. Submitting an accurate account of the accident and supporting documentation, such as medical bills or repair estimates, can help speed up the claims process.

Follow Up and Stay Involved

After filing your claim, it’s important to stay in touch with your insurance company for updates and to answer any questions they may have. Make sure to keep all documentation related to the accident and your claim in case it’s needed later. You may also consider getting legal advice if the claim becomes more complex.

Keep Your Insurance Updated

Car accidents in Bellevue, WA can be stressful and overwhelming, but knowing what to do and having the right insurance coverage can make all the difference. Remember to prioritize safety and care for yourself and others involved in an accident. Call Securum, LLC if you have any questions or need help.

What are the different types of commercial insurance?

There are many types of businesses, each using the tools and processes needed to succeed. Likewise, you can ensure you have the insurance coverage that fits your business through a conversation with a qualified insurance agency like the Securum LLC team serving the greater Bellevue, WA community.

Types of Commercial Insurance

While every business has unique commercial insurance needs, your insurance package should cover what your business owns and your business’s liability when it is responsible for losses and injuries to others. Depending on the nature of your business, you should consider the following basic forms of commercial insurance:

  • Commercial Property: Fire, smoke, wind, and vandalism
  • Cyber Insurance: Data breaches, cyber-attacks, and similar issues
  • Commercial Automobile: Vehicles and trailers in business use
  • Commercial General Liability: Bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, and similar losses on your properties or due to your products and services
  • Errors and Omissions / Professional Liability: Malpractice, errors, and negligence on your part
  • Workers Compensation: Employees who are injured or become ill while working for your business
  • Commercial Umbrella: Losses exceeding the policy limits of your standard policies

Small businesses can consider a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) which bundles several types of coverage and is simpler. Likewise, some home-based businesses can add a rider to their homeowner’s insurance to cover business equipment and third-party injuries.

While there are many types of businesses and commercial insurance, your coverage should meet your business’s legal and contractual obligations while ensuring you are comfortable with your risk exposure.

We Are Here To Help

Securum LLC proudly serves the business community in Bellevue, WA and can structure coverage to protect your business against unforeseen events. Please stop in or call us today to discuss your commercial insurance needs and options.

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