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Exploring The Benefits Of Workers Compensation

Securum, LLC serves the Lynnwood, WA community by offering residents multiple types of insurance coverage. We strive to help our clients find the policies they need to avoid major risks. We will help you assess your options and find the coverage that best suits your lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Workers Compensation

A major part of the success of Lynnwood, WA’s economy is thriving businesses in the community. Commercial insurance is a valuable asset. The policy helps protect your business and ensure that things continue to run smoothly. You are covered if your building and inventory suffer severe damages. You are also covered if you are involved in a potential liability dispute. One of the most important parts of commercial insurance policies is workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation protects your business if one of your employees is injured in the workplace. However, there are several other benefits that workers’ compensation provides as well.

Helps Companies Attract New Talent

Adding worker’s compensation to your policy shows that you respect and value the contributions of your employees. This makes working for your business attractive as you seek to recruit high-level talent. It may give you an edge over the competition.

Gives Your Employees A Chance To Grow

Workers’ compensation covers your employees if an injury forces them to learn a new business skill. This allows them to still be an asset to your business and helps it grow.

Improve Your Retention Rate

The policy covers your employees as they rehab from their injuries in hopes of getting back to their original condition. By taking care of your employees, you help establish relationships with them. This can help you retain your best employees.

Securum, LLC Can Help You Protect Your Business

Contact our office today to learn more information about commercial insurance.

Common Myths About Home Insurance

You worked hard to get your dream home, and you are smart enough to know to get a home insurance policy to cover what you worked hard for. However, it is important to know that there are some common myths about home insurance. Learning these myths is critical, so you can contact a reliable insurance agent to ensure your home and all you worked so hard for are protected. And thus, the following are common myths about home insurance: 

1. Home insurance covers flood damage.

Home insurance usually does not cover flood damage unless caused by internal damage to the home, like broken pipes. Even then, there may be some discrepancies. However, adding flood insurance to your policy in such cases may be needed. 

2. Home insurance only covers your belongings and property. 

Most home insurance policies protect more than your personal items and property. From third-party liability coverage to additional living expenses, most policies cover damages and injuries caused on your property to another property or person, accommodation and food are covered if you must leave your home due to an insured event, and more. 

3. Home insurance covers all your possessions, including valuables. 

However, standard home insurance policies usually protect most of your possessions, but more coverage is usually required for high-end items, like collectibles, jewelry, bicycles, and sports memorabilia. 

4. While on vacation, your home is always protected. 

Some incidents may not be covered. For instance, your policy more than likely may not cover damage to your home that occurred due to you not draining your pipes during the winter while you are on vacation, 


These are just a handful of myths about home insurance. So, for more information about home insurance myths, contact Securum, LLC in Lynnwood, WA today. Securum, LLC has highly trained, licensed, and experienced agents committed to helping clients in Lynnwood, WA, and surrounding areas. Contact our team today!

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